Q. What is HelloEventz?

A. HelloEventz is a one-stop web portal dedicated to events industry. HelloEventz brings to organizers and delegates information about trade fairs, seminars, conferences, trainings and workshops. It connects organizers, delegates and service providers seamlessly.

Q. What events are published/listed in HelloEventz?

A. HelloEventz Publishes events that can be broadly classified under Professional and Entertainment Events. It covers the entire gamut of events in Bangladesh. Professional, Entertainment, Spiritual, Training, Campus and Trade Events are listed in HelloEventz.

Q. Event promotion on Helloeventz is free or paid?

If you just want your events to be listed on HelloEventz than you can create/publish it for FREE. For higher visibility of your event, we recommend you to use “Featured Event” promotional paid service. Your event is listed on top of all the events for a month or the event due date (whichever is earlier).

Q. What are the advantages of partnering with HelloEventz?

A. There are many reasons why you should choose HelloEventz’s solutions

  • One stop solution HelloEventz’s solutions are specially designed for the Event & trade fair Industry. Each of our solutions has been customized to manage events.
  • Accessible Anywhere, Anytime You can speed up your entire operations by providing 24 X 7 accesses to your attendees. This will allow them to register at their own convenience from anywhere in the world.
  • Mode of Payment HelloEventz offers a complete bouquet of major Credit Cards and a variety of online payment gateway and mobile banking options.
  • Secure System HelloEventz has implemented the latest in security solutions. It comes equipped with the highest level of SSL encryption, PCI Compliance DSS 1.1, VeriSign Secure Certification, Daily Hacker safe audit and International Standard authentication protocols which have been verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code..
  • Added Advantages HelloEventz provides event organizers access to a wide range of customized commercial tools, which enable them to maximize the profitability of their website. HelloEventz provides them with SMS Alerts Facility.

Q. What can HelloEventz do for an Event?

A. HelloEventz’s allows an organizer to include all the information about the event and with the attractive easy e-mail functionality; it allows him to send custom reminder mails to delegates automatically just days before the event.

Q. How secure is the information I subscribe to on HelloEventz?

A. HelloEventz connects delegates and organizers seamlessly. All Events can be accessed with one click. HelloEventz assigns a unique User name and password for the delegates. Signing up, email alerts on important events are made simple and easy. Printing of Invoice, Printing of event pass and subscribing to our newsletters have been simplified. Information about discounts from event organizers and companies to delegates is accessible in one click.

Q. What's the difference of purchasing online and offline purchasing? Does it cost more?

A. The price of actual Event or Movie ticket is the same as the one you would get from the bus operators. In order to cover the cost of our service, we do charge a nominal fee.

Q. I've lost my ticket. What should I do now?

A. A copy of the ticket would have been sent to you by e-mail when you purchased it. Please take a printout of that mail and produce it at the time of reporting to the venue. If you have not received the ticket e-mail, you can regenerate your ticket online.

Q. What happens if an Event is cancelled?

A. If the event is cancelled by the organizer HelloEventz will update it in the portal and a personal mail will be sent to you. If the event that you registered for is a paid event you will also be notified about your fee refund in the mail.
However if you are cancelling your registration for an event that you have registered for, then your fee refund will depend on the Organizer’s terms & conditions.

Q. Where do I find information about the event organizer?

A. Every event that is listed on HelloEventz has all the contact information about the organizer. The information is available on the events page below the event details. To get the e-mail ID of organizer click on the name of the organizer and all the information you require is listed.

Q. Do delegates need to pay a fee to register?

A. Delegates do not have to pay a fee to HelloEventz and all services from HelloEventz to delegates are Free.
A Delegate is required to pay a fee only if s/he wants to join a paid event. The registration fee is payable to the organizer through a secure payment of HelloEventz.

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